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The classification of chemical fiber spinneret is introduced
2020-09-07 | 632Hit
Chemical fiber spinneret works under high temperature and pressure. Require resistance to pressure, corrosion (meaning decay, disappearance, erosion, etc.) and adequate mechanical strength. Chemical fiber spinneret can be divided into:

(1) Ordinary type, which can be divided into melt spun chemical fiber spinneret (its shape is round, rectangle, sector) and wet spun chemical fiber spinneret (also known as spinneret cap);

(2) Special-shaped chemical fiber spinneret with non-circular section of spun fiber;

(3) Composite chemical fiber spinneret to produce composite fiber

Today I will introduce the chemical fiber spinneret, and I would like to take a look at some common problems in the process of using it:

I. Chemical fiber spinnerets must be calcined in strict accordance with the manufacturer's requirements before being put into use, because there will be a lot of impurities remaining in the holes of chemical fiber spinnerets during packaging and transportation. Before use, the chemical fiber spinneret must be treated by heat setting and carried out in strict accordance with the calcination process, so as to ensure the success of the chemical fiber spinneret, ensure the uniformity of the spinneret's filament and the uniformity of the distribution plate's combined pressure.

Two, the installation of chemical fiber spinneret and distribution board, should be handled gently, chemical fiber spinneret silk surface should have soft gasket, never scratch the surface and the outlet. Lead hole is a cylinder body, the liquid enters the guide hole along the transition Angle under a certain pressure into the lead hole, through the lead hole perpendicular to the lead hole surface through cooling and stretching into wire, such as the damage of the lead hole, will seriously affect the roundness, strength and uniform velocity of lead hole, will cause wire breaking phenomenon. Spinneret is also called spinning cap. The function of spinneret is to convert viscous polymer melt or solution into a fine flow with specific cross section through micropores, and form filaments after solidification medium such as air or solidification bath. According to the type and specification of fiber, there are different specifications, shapes, passes, materials, etc. Spinneret works at high temperature and pressure. Pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and adequate mechanical strength are required.

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